About Us

Be a gateway to Connect, collaborate and partner with various networks of African descendants in Diaspora worldwide and Africans on the Continent.

Unite African descendants globally to effectively utilize their positions, influence and resources to contribute in building a strong and respected community wherever they are in Diaspora and participate in building an economic thriving Africa.

Encourage African descendants in Diaspora worldwide to accept their African heritage and identify with the Continent. Be a gateway to foster a progressive economic agenda. Reconcile and reconstruct the various and diverse groups of African descendants in the Diaspora and on the continent. Realign the paradigm and improve the image to foster a networking atmosphere for the re-development of Africa and Africans in the Diaspora. Create a high standard of pride for all African descendants.

Locations in the United States, Africa, and Europe

This organization and all employees and officers must respect and obey the laws, rules, and regulations of the cities, states, and countries in which we operate. Our ethical standards and the foundation on which we operate are in obeying the law both in letter and in spirit. As we are dispersed and operating in many countries, employees and officers may not be expected to know the details of the laws, rules and regulations in a particular country. However, it is important for our employees to know enough to determine when to seek advice from supervisors, managers or other appropriate personnel concerning compliance and legal matters in every country where we operate.

Recipient of 2009 “Oklahoma Second Century Humanitarian” award at the Oklahoma State Capitol, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

  • Program Director
  • Youth Director
  • National Coordinators
  • International Coordinators
  • Grant Writers
  • Fund Raisers
  • Target Coordinators/Directors
  • Social Media/ Networking Geeks
  • Community Organizer
  • Passionate students on African and Diaspora affairs
  • International Relations students
  • Social network


Mr. Elijah Adeoye

Mr. Elijah Adeoye is the founder and director of the Global African Diaspora Development Network. He is also President and CEO of AEA Environmental Services (AEA Inc.) based in Norman, Oklahoma. ... Read more

Dr. Henry B. Crichlow

Dr. Henry B. Crichlow is a Registered Professional Engineer, University Professor and Energy Consultant and Energy Expert. With degrees from STANFORD UNIVERSITY (PhD); UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHO ... Read more

Pastor Ituah Olajide Ighodalo

Pastor Ituah Ighodalo, is a Pastor, an Accountant and a Writer. He attended the King’s College Lagos and the International School, University of Ibadan. He obtained a combined honours degree ... Read more

Senator Anastasia A. Pittman

Pittman was born on July 19, 1970 in Miami, Florida and has resided in Oklahoma for over 35 years. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Public relations from the University of O ... Read more

Phillip Ayeni

Phillip Ayeni earned an Electrical Engineering degree from University of Oklahoma, Norman Oklahoma. He has worked as Systems Engineer, Network Engineer and Wireless Engineer with different comp ... Read more

Sharron D. Jackson-Glover

Sharron is CEO of The Glover Group LLC, a consulting business focused on providing assessment, development, implementation, and facilitation of Applied Leadership (AL) programs. She also serve ... Read more

Jeffrey W. Leach

Jeffrey W. Leach, founder of Harvest Time Ministries, has traveled to 16 countries and across the United States conducting seminars on Inner Healing from Pre-Birth Trauma and Spiritual Burn Out. ... Read more

Adedamola Oyesanya

Adedamola is a Professional Engineer registered in the State of Oklahoma. He graduated with a Master’s Degree in Engineering from the University Oklahoma Civil Engineering Department and spec ... Read more

Dr. Charles Mambula

Dr. Charles Mambula currently serves as Associate Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship and Chair of the Department of Management at Langston University’s School of Business in Langston ... Read more