Dr. Henry B. Crichlow


Dr. Henry B. Crichlow is a Registered Professional Engineer, University Professor and Energy Consultant and Energy Expert. With degrees from STANFORD UNIVERSITY (PhD); UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA (MSc) and COLORADO SCHOOL OF MINES (BSc), all in Petroleum Engineering. Dr. Crichlow has 47 plus years continuous professional experience in oil, gas, computers, information technology, engineering, energy, co-generation, optimization and nuclear waste technology and has worked in engineering & management capacities with major companies worldwide. He is involved in the development, implementation and utilization of profitable patent-worthy high technology in the energy and associated industries worldwide. He has been an oil and gas consultant to several domestic majors, as well as independents and smaller companies, the FDIC and WORLD BANK. Dr. Crichlow has 10 years academic experience as Associate Professor, a Distinguished Professor of Engineering, and Director/Chairman of the School of Petroleum Engineering, Geological Engineering and Natural Gas Engineering at the University of Oklahoma. He has published (Prentice Hall – Publisher) an outstanding text for engineers - MODERN RESERVOIR ENGINEERING: A Simulation Approach, along with several books, monographs, and technical papers in petroleum engineering and geothermal operations. He holds several patents in various technology areas.