What we do

Being connected will create bonds for trust and comfort levels to work together and enhance sharing of ideas. Being connected across the globe will help to understand better the circumstances, conditions and predicaments of the African race on the continent and in the Diaspora. We need to start on a new paradigm shift by connecting across the globe to address globally the issues that affect all descendants of Africa in the Diaspora and throughout the continent. People of other races plugged in with one another to maneuver, and, get things done for their people both at home and abroad. They influence political powers and governments in order to better shape the destinies of their people in the lands they have never been to and people they have never met. We can do the same. African descendants are in everycountry and continent in the world. It is therefore time for Africans in the worldwide African Diaspora to begin to connect. Let us connect to make Africa strong and competitive for the 21st century and beyond

A popular adage says, “There is power in numbers”. “United we stand, divided we fall”. Unity is paramount. By uniting, Africans can use their very large and wide group dynamics to develop a network of skilled professionals. Professionals from such pool can be pulled out to contribute and build foundations for strong education from early childhood to colleges and universities, innovations, entrepreneurship, technology, social and economic improvement to lift up African descendants in the Diaspora and on the continent. Unity will help to create momentum for hard works, technical engagement and political will to harness wealth from various nations on the continent for the people.

Africans in the Diaspora and in the continent need to be self-motivated for the development of the motherland. Unless you do, no one else will. Events of the last five hundred years for Africans worldwide prove the point. Whether you realize it or not, you are identified with the continent regardless whether you came out of there, yesterday or you have never lived there but your ancestors came out of there hundreds of years ago. We might as well pull together and make a paradigm shift to reverse the calamities and underdevelopment in Africa. Every one of us Africans by blood tie, let us not let Africa be arrogated anymore to the caricature of hunger and poverty for lack of development while the wealth of the land undeveloped is shipped abroad. Forces outside the continent manage Africa indirectly. Diaspora African engineers, scientists and educators, businessmen/Women etc., need to collaborate on developmental ideas from the classrooms to research laboratories – from business entrepreneurs to Engineering contractors. Investment financiers and bankers are needed to support with soft loans Diaspora Contractors for roads and housing projects, manufacturing and processing plants, which are currently done by foreign businesses and contractors. Many raw materials from Africa are currently shipped out and processed abroad. Processing these products within countries inside the continent will create more jobs and development. We should learn to create money from within the continent by investing in our Scientists, Engineers, Manufactures, entrepreneurs, students, Educators, learning Institution, local farmers, Agriculturists, etc., etc. The African continent is ripe for industrial revolution and renaissance, let us not again hear or watch from outside while others make it happen. Therefore, let us yield to the task of: Connect, Unite and Develop Africa, and make it strong and competitive for the 21st century and beyond.